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How “Home Staging” by Serenity Designs Works

Initial Consultation
Flat fee of $100-200, depending on size and condition of home, includes an in-depth walk-thru and consultation with homeowner. Interior and exterior areas are addressed. Allow a minimum of 1-2 hours.

Customized Report
Complete detailed report is provided within 48 hours outlining recommended improvements. Included is a checklist and action items are prioritized, giving the homeowner a logical and sequential implementation plan and course of action.

Homeowners can implement plan in 3 ways: 1) ‘Do it yourself’, 2) Hire Serenity Designs for implementation, or 3) a combination of the two. The goal of implementation is to prepare the home ideally prior to listing the house, for the all-important online photos and Open House as well as future showings. Staging will highlight the features of the home while de-cluttering, de-personalizing, re-styling and rearranging furnishings to best accentuate the positives and minimize any negatives. You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression!

What Services We Can Provide
Serenity Designs can provide half-day, full-day, or multi-day staging options.  Whether the home will remain occupied or vacant, Serenity Designs will customize the plan to best suit your particular situation.  We have a huge inventory of furnishings and accessories to stage our clients' homes, usually at a cost much less than what a local furniture rental company would charge.  Our designers know exactly how to position furniture and accessories to maximize the appeal of your home resulting in quicker sales and higher sale prices.  We can also arrange for handyman services, painting, landscaping, clean-out and other related services. Professional photography is highly recommended after staging, and can be included as part of the staging plan for an additional fee.
Costs Involved
Staging costs will vary depending on the scope of the project. Half-day occupied staging can cost as little as $300 with full-day and multi-day staging starting at $500.  Just as no 2 homes are alike, staging fees can vary widely.  For this reason, we customize each quote specific to each homeowner and work together with our clients to come up with a workable budget and plan.  Staging is affordable and most importantly, we try to achieve results that return a profit on your staging investment!  Our goal, together, is to use staging as a way to build equity and "save" money by the time the house closes.


Major Reasons to Stage a Home
Staging a home can actually increase the selling price of a home. Statistics also show staged homes average fewer days on the market. By de-personalizing your home you can appeal to a broader group of homebuyers. The return on certain improvements can be greater than 100% and put more money back in your pocket. A properly staged home can minimize negative feedback and buyer objections while maximizing a home’s potential and strengths. Remember, the ultimate goal is to stand out amongst the competition and be the best choice out there.

Why Is It Important?
Staging will give your potential homebuyers the opportunity to see your home in its best light. If it is priced well and looks better than its competition, your house will sell quickly, eliminating the need to offer price reductions or to consider or negotiate low offers. Spending a little money before listing your house can save you thousands of dollars in the long run. Staging is still cheaper than paying extra mortgage payments, taxes, utilities and carrying costs month to month while you wait for a buyer.



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