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May 3, 2016
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Success Story!  Ever wonder why or what makes a "sellers market"?  Or do you want to be that home seller that lists their home and in one-day gets an offer - OVER asking price!   When sellers are in control and buyers are pounding on the door, that's what makes it a seller market.  Don't think it's too late or Spring is almost over.  Buyers are still out there in huge numbers.  Take for example, a house I staged recently; I returned to pick up the staging furniture and props I had used and spoke with the homeowner, asking how the process had gone. He was ecstatic!  He proceeded to tell me that at the first 2 Open Houses on the Friday and Saturday before..... mind you.... Mother's Day, over 350 people toured the home!  Within hours, the offers came in - 19 of them!  The winning buyer got the house at $50,000 over asking!   Does staging help sell houses?  You bet!

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